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Information Literacy


This self study material will teach you Information Literacy. The self study material is part of the course Introduction to University Studies, arranged for all first year students at Arcada University of Applied Sciences.


  • Read through the material and watch the tutorials on these pages
  • Do the assignments in Itslearning.

Contact the library in case you have questions!

Learning Outcomes

  • learn how to search for information and literature for your university studies, e.g. course books or scientific articles
  • learn the difference between searching for information in Google and searching for information through scientific databases
  • learn tips on useful search techniques to improve your searches
  • learn how to critically evaluate the sources and information found
  • learn how to use and cite the information found according to established academic practice

Watch the introduction below for more information and to get started:

What is Information Literacy all about?

Scroll down the presentation to see what information literacy is all about (or open the presentation through the link):