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Library Services for Arcada Staff

Welcome to the Libguide for staff at Arcada UAS. Here you find information about the materials and services offered by the Arcada library.

Time to select Course Literature?

Start by checking whether the book of your choice is already owned by the library. Search our library catalogue Arcada Finna and our e-book collections for suitable literature for your course. The e-book collections that are available at Arcada are listed under the tab Books.

Please inform the library if you use an e-book as text book in your course, we can make the book more accessible and visible for students by creating a direct link in Arcada Finna.

How to construct Links to Articles and e-Books?

Uploading digital copies (pdf-files) of articles or e-books to ItsLearning is not allowed. Instead you should give the permanent link to the article/e-book, proceeded by the address to Arcada's proxy server.   

Use remote access (proxy) links when you:

  •     link material to It'sLearning or ASTA
  •     share links to articles or e-books with your students or colleagues

Proxy links enable students to access the resources from outside the university network.

Construct the links as follows:

  1. Start with the Arcada proxy server address (=Luckan) as a prefix, 
  2. Add the permanent link to the article, e-book or database. The permanent links vary depending on the database. More information is found in Tritonia’s guide


Textbook Acquisition Policy

The main rule is 1 book/5 students. The library buys e-copies of textbooks and other frequently used books whenever it is possible.


  • Not all books are published as e-books
  • Many e-books are only available for private persons not libraries
  • Sometimes the model for licensing is very unfavorable to libraries

Do you have questions or requests? Please, contact the library. You are also welcome to discuss e-books with us.


Urkund offers an automated system designed to deal with the problem of plagiarism. With a small effort from the user, plagiarism can be prevented from three main source areas: The Internet, Published Material and Student Material.

Questions? Please, contact filip.levalahti (at)

Information Searching Support for your Students

Arcada's information specialists offer support and workshops in information searching for all 1st and 3rd year students at Arcada. Contact the library if your students need more support in finding sources, if information searching is a central part of your course and more guidance is needed, or if you want to check when an information searching workshop is scheduled for your group.