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Welcome to the LibGuide for Nursing. The guide helps you discover relevant literature and research, write your own research and keep up to date with your field.

International Databases in Nursing and Healthcare

These are the key international scholarly databases within nursing and healthcare, provided by Arcada Library:

Nordic Databases in Nursing and Healthcare

These databases provide publications from the Nordic countries within the fields of nursing and healthcare:


Terveysportti is a portal in Finnish with information for the health sector, published by Duodecim. It also contains some English medical journals in fulltext such as BMJ, Lancet and NEJM.


Here you can find dictionaries and other tools to translate both single words and longer texts.

Encyclopedias and Thesauruses

Use Encyclopedias to find peer reviewed facts and information. Thesauruses help you find the right keywords for your information searches in databases.

Tutorials: Databases

These tutorials help you get started with finding the right information from databases:

Use of Electronic Resources and Remote Access

The electronic resources are available in the network of Arcada university or through remote access. Remote access requires the Arcada user ID and password.

Licence Agreements

Some of the electronic resources are licensed through the FinELib (The Finnish National Electronic Library) consortium. The terms of use for each of these databases are defined in the licence agreements, and all users must conform to them. Information about the individual licenses of the databases are listed in FinELib with information about the user rights for each database.