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Open Access (in English)

Where to publish research data

Research data refers to resources which the researcher produces or uses during the research process. It is needed to validate the research and it is meritorious in research if it is published. Open publication of research data is a component area of open science. Data can be stored in Finnish or international repositories. The degree of publicity can be regulated by different licenses (e.g. Creative Commons, CC).

An increasing number of research funders require or recommend that both research results and research data should be open. Making research data freely accessible increases research transparency, the possibility of repetition, and therefore, the reliability. For example, the Academy of Finland urges research data to be made available in national or international repositories. Examples of repositories that meet the requirements of the Academy of Finland are the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD), FIN-CLARIN (language resources in Finland), the services of the Ministry of Education and Culture's Open Science and Research-initiatives, CERN's Zenodo-archive and European Data Infrastructure (EUDAT).

Sherpa Juliet includes research funding bodies that require research data to be made freely available. For further reading we recommend: Why manage & share your data? (MIT Libraries)