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Information package in state of emergency: Start

Here you find information regarding Arcada library services during the shut down of campus due to the Corona virus


My loans are due soon and the library is closed. What should I do?

  • You can renew your loans via Arcada Finna or return the books immediately when the library opens again
  • Renew your loans now and the due date for returning or renewing the books will be Monday 7.9.2020.

When will the library open again?

  • The library is open these Mondays in June and July:

1.6 at 14-17.30
8.6 at 14-17.30
15.6 at 14-17.30
22.6 at 14-17.30
29.6 at 14-17.30
6.7 at 14-17.30

  • The library is open only for borrowing and returning books. It is not possible to hang out in the library. If you want to visit the library, contact us by 16.00 on the Friday before, by e-mail. When arriving at the Arcada building, call the library staff on 0207 699 690 and we will open the door for you. We recommend that you use e-material when possible. If you have questions or need guidance, please contact the library staff.

Can I visit the library and print something?

  • Yes, it is possible. Just send us an e-mail in advance that you are coming. The ASK office is open on Monday 1.6 at 13-17 if you need to buy printing credits. More info on

I can't renew my loan because someone has reserved the book, what to do?

  • No worries, return the book when the library opens again. No overdue fines are registered until 6.9.2020.

I would like to borrow an e-book through Elib but I do not have a library card?

I have forgotten my PIN-code, how can I receive a new one?

I'd like to reserve a book but it does not work?

  • It is not possible to place holds on books right now. Wait until the library opens in August after the summer holiday and reserve the book then. You can also have a look at our e-book collections to see if you find a similar book as e-book instead. Contact the staff if necessary.

I need material that is not available in the Arcada library collections, can you help?

  • You can place an order for interlibrary loan. Please note that we only order articles that can be obtained and passed on in an electronic format and interlibrary loan service is very limited at the moment. The interlibrary loan service is closed in July.
  • You can also place an acquisition proposal.

When will the library open again after the summer holiday?

  • The library opens on Monday 10.8.2020 unless other instructions are given. Self service at 7.00-21.30, staff available at 10-16.


Use e-material

All e-material is available on remote 24/7

Is the book you need not available as e-book? Please, make an acquisition proposal:

Contact the library

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions!

More contact details on the library web page